Covid-19 pandemic spreads all over the world including India and killed many people by this deadly virus which started from Wuhan city of China.
During this pandemic period, many people were affected all over the world. In India, most affected people belong to virus affected people, migrant labourers, health workers, daily wages people and industries during lockdown period. 
Many people across India wanted a dedicated fund required to help affected people during this pandemic crisis.
Prime Minister of India announced to creation a fund “Prime Minister Citizen Assistance Relief in Emergency Services Fund” on 28 march 2020 comes under “Public charitable fund. 
This fund is called “Notified Disaster” fund and a special dedicated fund for Covid-19 pandemic and this type of disaster in future. 
PM CARES is micro donation fund means start from to 10 rupees. 
It consist of entirely public donations and not any budget support.


1. To provide assistance of any kind relating to a public health emergency and other kind emergency such as calamity or disasters. To improve the healthcare system, infrastructure, funding and research of any kind.
2. to provide financial assistance to affected people during calamity time, decided by trustees of PM CARES fund and 
3. To assist other charities which are not included in the above category.


1. Prime minister is an ex-office chairman of PM CARES fund. 
2. Minister of defense, finance and Home affairs are ex-office member of this fund.

  • 3. Prime minister has the power to nominate three members into the board of trustees who belong to have specialization in their field such as research, health, social work, public administration and philanthropy etc.

Noted points: 

1. The contribution from employees or individuals gets a 100% exemption of tax under the 80G section of income tax act 1961.
2. The companies which donate under CSR (corporate social responsibility) also get exemption under CSR expenditures of companies act 2013. 
3. The PM CARES fund gets donations from foreign nationals (individuals or organizations) from based foreign countries. 
4.To create new accounts which get donations from foreign nationals and also get exemption from FCRA.

PM CARES fund:

Name of Account: PM CARES
Account No: 2121PM20202
Swift code: SBININBB109
Name of Bank: State of India
branch:SBI New Delhi main branch
UPI ID: PMcares@sbi

Controversy related to PM CARES fund:

 1. Many opposition parties are not agreeing to creation of a new fund however the Prime minister national relief fund(PMNRF) is already existing since 1948 with 38 billion rupees’ balance in this fund.
2. From a transparency point of view, PM CARES funds don’t disclose the name of contributors and beneficiaries in this fund, and audits are held by those people who are appointed by trustees of board.
3. PMNRF is little better than PM CARES fund on ground of transparency because PMNRF has a balance sheet but PM CARES doesn’t have a balance sheet.

Suggestion related to improve credibility of PM CARES fund:

1. The PM CARES fund should be publishing details of donors and beneficiaries, and regulated by “Public charitable trust”. 
2. Govt. should take bold steps to clear all type doubts related to transparency.
3. The fund should be audited by CAG and publish its report and submitted to parliament.

PM CARES fund is better than PMNRF in some points because
 1. The PM CARES fund is dedicated for the Covid-19 pandemic and similar types of disaster but PMNRF is for all types of natural disaster.
2. The fund is a micro donation fund (starts from 10/-Rs) in which encourage all groups of people to participate in it but PMNRF starts from 100/-RS. 
3 This fund is also used to research work, improve the healthcare system and its related field.


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