Gujarat is the fifth largest state of India in area wise which is situated in West part of India and attached to Arabian sea. Gujarat state was created from the separation of Bombay province in 1960. Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat state. It consists of 33 districts and Gujarati official language.

Gujarat Information:

Indus Valley civilization: 

Gujarat India

Gujarat consists of sites of Indus Valley civilization. Lothal and Dholavira were famous sites. Dholavira had the world 's oldest reservoir  and Lothal had the world oldest dockyard.

First port of India : 

Gujarat India

lothal, Indus civilization sites had the first port of India on Arabian sea and had contact with Iran and Bahrain.

Unesco Heritage:

Gujarat has a rich culture and heritage state. Some heritages come under UNESCO world heritage sites such as “Historical Ahmedabad City”, “Rani Ki Vav” and Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park. Historical Ahmedabad City is the first city in India which comes under UNESCO world heritage.


Gujarat India
Somnath temple

Gujarat has many religious places of different religions. The Somnath temple is the first Jyotirlinga out of twelve Jyotirlinga and dedicated to God Shiva, situated in Gir Somnath District. Nageshwer is the second Jyotirlinga situated in Okha Gujarat.
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Abode of Krishna :

Gujarat India
The Dwarkadish Temple

 Dwarka is the abode of lord Krishna and a famous pilgrimage for Hindu religion. The Dwarkadhish temple is situated near the bank of Gomti river in Dwarka. A mythology associated that the Idol of God Krishna was placed in a temple made by Rani Rukmani from rice.

Group of temples: 

Gujarat India
Jain temples

Palitana under the Bhavnagar district has more than 900 jain temples in Shatrunjaya Hill Gujarat . This is a famous place for Jain pilgrimage.

Submerged temple: 

Niskalanak Mahadev temple situated in Arabian sea in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. The temple submerged  in sea water twice a day during high tide and appears twice a day during low tide. Shiv Linga placed by Pandavs for forgiveness of their sins in Mahabharata.

Largest sea shore: 

Gujarat has 1600 Km sea shore areas, largest in all coastal states of India. This helps the state to develop the sea  trade route to foreign countries and major seaports established in Gujarat such as Kandla Port. So Gujarat is also known as “Jewel of West”.

Home of Asiatic lion: 

Gujarat India

Asiatic lion is the pride of India and Gujarat state. These lions are found only in Gujarat, not other parts of India and Asia. Sasan Gir national Park is situated in Junagadh where you watch pride of India. Nawab of Junagadh was solely responsible for conservation of Asiatic lions.

Largest district: 

Gujarat India

kutch District of Gujarat is the largest district of India in area wise. It spreads 45652 km2. It is home of Indian Wild ass, also known as Indian Onager.
Gujarat India
Wild Ass

Birthplace of Great Personalities :

Mahatma Gandhi(Father of Nation India, Born on Porbandar), Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel(Iron of India), JRD Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani, Aziz Premji and Moraji Desai are Gujarati by birth.

Petrochemical capital of India: 

Gujarat is considered as Petrochemical capital of India. More than 50% of petrochemical products of India are produced in Gujarat.

Largest oil refinery: 

Jamnagar oil refinery is the largest oil refinery in the world,situated in Jamnagar of Gujarat. The oil refinery run by Reliance industries limited.

Tallest statue:

Gujarat Indi
Statue of Unity

 The statue of Unity Gujarat is the world tallest statue in the world, height approximately 182 m. It is dedicated to Iron man of India(Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel) and situated near Sardar Sarovar dam Kevadiya, Narmada District of Gujarat.

Environment awareness state:

 Gujarat is the first state in India and Asia which set up a separate department for Climate Change. There were 7.5 lakh saplings in one day in Gujarat, holding Gunieess book record.

Largest agricultural producer: 

Gujarat is the largest producer of Cotton, Groundnuts and white Onion in India. Gujarat is the largest milk producer in India. Amul situated in Anand in Gujarat.

Marine species Protection:

 Gujarat is the first state in India, to develop first marine wildlife sanctuary in 1980 and first Marine National Park in 1982 in Gulf of Kutch, Gujarat.

Shipyard Breaking: 

Alang in bhavnagar district of Gujarat is the largest shipbreaking yard in the world.

Diamond city: 

Surat in Gujarat is the diamond city of Gujarat. One third of world diamonds polish in Surat. Surat is also the richest city in India.

Logo of SBI: 

The logo of State Bank of India inspired  from key like  structures of Kankaria lake in Ahmedabad.

Open air theatre :

 Sunset theatre in Ahmedabad is only theatre in India which is large, long running drive cinema.
Largest university of India: Maharaja Sayajirao University is the largest university in India area wise.

Largest Private Palace: 

Laxhmivilas Palace in Vadodara is the largest Palace in India. The Palace is four times larger than Buckingham Palace in England.

Largest Salt desert: 

The Rann of Kachchh is the largest salt desert of the world. This is famous for  white salt desert. Rann Utsav is held in the Rann of Kachchh every year. It is the only nesting ground of Greater Flamingo in India.
Gujarat India
Greater Flamingos 

Cleanest city of Asia: 

Gandhinagar capital of Gujarat is the cleanest city of Asia.

Jurassic Park: 

Indroda Dinosaur and fossil Park is the first type fossil Park in India situated in Balasinor, Gandhinagar in Gujarat.This place is the world's 3rd largest dinosaur fossil excavation site and 2nd largest hatchery located Balasinor, Gujarat.

FirstJellyfish Lake: 

Arambada Lake in Gujarat is the first jellyfish Lake in India, situated in the  Gulf of Kutch. In low tide, Jellyfish are clearly seen in the lake.

Largest Optical fiber Network: 

Gujarat has the largest optical fiber network in India and Asia Pacific region.

Richest Village: 

Madhapur Village in Bhuj is the richest village in India and Asia.

Number one Position:

 largest vegetarian state, safest state for women, Gas based thermal electricity and, Charity ( Maharaja of Jamnagar gave Shelter to Polish refugees in world war II when no one gave shelter to theml).


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