Fatehpur Sikri is a UNESCO heritage site which is a small town situated in the Agra district of Uttar Pradesh in India. This is famous for its tomb, walled city and mosques which are massively made from red sandstone. 

History :

  1. The Sunga dynasty settled in this region and flourished during their reign. It is a centre for trade, habitation and temples. 
  2. In the 12th century, A fortress was built under the Sikarwar rajputs. 
  3. In 1569, Jahan gir, son of Akbar the Mughal Emperor was born here after the blessing of saint Shiekh salim. 
  4. In the honor of Chisti saint Shiekh salim, Akbar constructed the imperial palace and walled city in 1571.
  5. In 1571, Akbar declared the city as the capital of the Mughal till 1585 and totally abandoned it in 1610.
  6. Akbar ‘s victory during Gujarat campaign in 1573, the name of the city changed and became Fatehpur Sikri which means that the “city of victory”. 

Architecture :

  1. It is situated on a rocky ridge, and the palace city is surrounded by three sided walls with four side lakes. 
  2. The style and designs were based on Timurid form and Gujarati influence seen in decoration of walls in the palace. 
  3. Red sandstone was massively used to build the city. 
  4. There are three main gates, mainly the Delhi gate, the Lal gate and the elephant gate. 
  5. This is a charismatic blend of Islamic and Hindu elements in the style and designs. 

Important places in Fatehpur Sikri:

  1. Buland Darwaza :   

Fatehpur sikri
  • To be built after the successful gujarat ‘s campaign as a victory arch in 1576-1577.
  • The central portico comprises three arched entrances. The largest arched entrance situated at centre known as “the Horseshoe gate”.
  1. Jama masjid : 

  • The congregational mosque and constructed in 1571-1572.
  • The buland darwaza is situated on the south wall of the mosque .
  • Its distinguishing features are the row of chhatri in present here.
  • Three mihrabs in each of the seven bays are present. The large central mihrab is covered by a dome and decorated with white marble with geometric patterns.
  1. Tomb of Salim chisti:

  • Single story tomb which is made from white marble and situated in Jama Masjid courtyard.
  • This tomb was built in the honor of chisti saint Shiekh salim where their grave is present.
    Fatehpur sikri
  1. Diwan-i-Aam:

  • Also known as the Hall of public.
  • It is a pavilion like a multilayer rectangular structure frontly a large open space.
  1. Diwan- i- khas:

Fatehpur sikri
  • Also known as the Hall of private audience.
  • Plain square building with four chattris.
  • Famous for the central pillar which has a square base, octagonal shaft carved with geometric and floral designs.
  1. Ibadat khana : 

  • It is also known as a house of worship.
  • Built in 1575 A.D. by Akbar the mughal emperor wherre foundation of a new faith established known as “ Din-e-Ilahi”.
  1. Nabuat khana:

  • Known as Drum house where musicians used drums for the arrival of the emperor.
  1. Panch mahal: 
    Fatehpur sikri

  • Five story structure where tiers gradually diminishing in size  till the final one.
  1. Hiran minar:

  • Known as the elephant tower.
  • Circular tower carved with stone projections in form of the elephant tusks. 
  1. Pachisi court:

  • Square marked out as a large board game just like a modern ludo game where people served  as the playing pieces.  
  1. Mariam - uz-zamari’ palace: these buildings were used by Akbar’ s rajput wives.

How to reach:

By Air: Khiera airport is situated in Agra district which is 40 KM away from the Fatehpur sikri.

By Train: Fatehpur sikri has a railway station just 1 km away from heritage site.

By Road : regularly UP transport buses are available easily from different parts of Uttar Pradesh. 


  • Indian citizens,SAARC countries and BIMSTEC countries: Rs. 40.00

  • Foreigners : Rs. 550.00 


Name of Hotel
Phone no.
UPSTDC tourist bungalow
Station road, Raja-ki-mandi
UPSTDC Taj khema, eastern 
Gate of Taj Mahal
UPSTDC Gulistan Tourist complex, Fatehpur Sikri

Tour plan: U.P.  tourism corporation runs a local sightseeing tour everyday except Friday .

Tour price in Agra:       

Tour’ s programme




Daily full day tour( Fatehpur sikri, Taj mahal and Agra fort)
10.30AM to 6.30PM
Half day tour( Fatehpur Sikri)
10.30AM to 02.00PM
Child full day/half tour( <15 years)

Starting and ending point location - Agra cantt railway station.

Booking and reservation contact:
  1. Office: U.P. tourism, 64, Taj road, Agra (Tel. no. 0562-2226431) and E-mail: [email protected].

  2. Tourist information center: Agra cantt railway station, Agra ( Tel. no.: 0562-2421204).

  3. Booking : www.uptourism.gov.in

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