Australian fire
Australian bush fire 

Australia bush fire 
                                  since June 2019, forest bush fire started and slowly spread in 
whole country. Its intensity increase from September 2019 and continuously spread in January 2020. This is one of worst forest fire in Austrian history which claimed at least 24 lives, destroyed thousands of houses, more than 18.6 million hectares have been burned and millions of animals blazed.

Affected areas: 

                        Generally, bush fire spreads in different part of Australia but mostly 
affected areas stretches along eastern and southern coastal part of Australia. New south wales and state of Victoria are mostly affected. In new south wales declared state of emergency.


                Bush fire in Australia is generally common but there are many reasons which causes  to  spread bush fire.

     (1)  Indian ocean dipole: 

                                         Indian ocean dipole became positive in this season which meant a hot, dry spell across the country and drought. The intensity of fire increase due to rise of temperature which causes to spread in the bush fire and many forest came under fire. 

      (2)  Spotting:

                             Eucalyptus trees mainly help to spotting and is also known as gum tree.

       Eucalyptus trees cover more than three quarters of Australia forest areas. The strips of bark that hang off trunk and branches can have ignited to carry fire the tree and then  spread by winds.

Health impact:

                         (1)  Smoke produced from the bush fire which causes difficulty in 
breathing, irritation in eyes, nose and throat.
                       (2)  Ultra fine particles less than 2.5 mm as PM 2.5 are the biggest threat to life due to deposition in lungs and blood stream.

(3)  Thunderstorm asthma: strong winds create more pollution in the air which 
outbreak asthma attacks.

Environment effect: 

                                  The bush fire causes the great loss to Australian biodiversity and longtime impact on its environment. There are many impact on Australian 

(1)  Immediate loss to biodiversity: 

                                                      Australia have in in mega biodiversity specially  any endangered species and endemic species found here. The kangaroo island Glossy black cockatoo became near to extinct in Australia only 400 species present in 2019. It destroyed majority of birds habitat which depends mainly singular food source i.e. seed from dropping she-oak. Slow moving animals are badly affected such as koalas.


Red Kangaroo In The Grass

(2)  Debris from bush fire causes to great damage to water supplies due to choking on dams, water pipelines. Ash, soot and charred vegetation leads to algae bloom and  threat to water quality and level of oxygen decrease in water leads to cause death of fishes.
(3)  Animals are hungry and ecosystems take time to grow back. Fire destroyed vegetation and habitat of brush tails rock wallabies in new south wales.

(4)  Smoke from fire is circumnavigating the planet and level of carbon dioxide  emission double in Australia as compare to last year. Smoke cause to produce thunderstorm.

(5)  The soot from fire reach to the New Zealand glacier which could speed up melt and rate of glacier melt the season increase by 20%-30%.

Effort to control fire: 

                                     Australian government began to control the fire since September in large scale and other countries also help to Australia government.

(1)  Government deployed 3000 armies, navy and air force men, 3700 fire fighters, 440 emergency staff and 240 plus firefighters came from different countries as USA, Canada and New Zealand.

(2)  Aircraft and helicopter is also use to control to fire. Such as DC-10 
aircraft has water tank of 44000 lts. Capacity, Coulson- B757 has 15142 lts. capacity.

Funds and crowdfunding:

       (1)  Australian government approved to allocate $2 billion for bush fire recovery
mainly allocate to $100 m for primary producers $76 m for mental health, $60 m for local governments, $50 m for wildlife.

       (2)  Australian government approved to allocate $1 billion to tourism industry for

       (3)  Pink American singer donate $500,000 "directly to the local fire services that are battling so hard on the front lines."

       (4)  Australian cricketer shane warne donate $ 300000

      (5)  Australian government get foods, blanket and equipment in different part of worlds.


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